Hao Sun
Ph.D. student, supervised by Prof. Zhendong Su
Advanced Software Technologies (AST) Lab
Department of Computer Science
ETH Zurich

CNB H 103.2, Universitätstrasse 6, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland

Hao Sun is currently a Ph.D. student in the Advanced Software Technologies (AST) Lab at ETH Zurich, under the supervision of Prof. Zhendong Su. Before this, Hao Sun received his master’s degree from Tsinghua University, supervised by Prof. Yu Jiang.

He aims to propose solutions that are novel at the conceptual level and practical for real impact. The fundamental goal of his research is to improve the correctness of OS kernels (with an emphasis on Linux), one of the most complicated software, via detecting logic bugs with principled ideas and enhancing the kernel infrastructure with effective mechanisms. Recently, he has been particular interested in the eBPF verifier, a critical component for Linux kernel security.